Tuesday, 26 March 2013

International Festival of boring films 29 March to 14 April

Fed up with watching Bruce Willis save the world? Looking for something that takes a little longer to get into and understand? The international festival of boring films is for you. In the international fesitval of film chiant you will not find US blockbusters. On the opening night at Variétés cinema  for 11€ you can see films such as Please Say Something by David O'Reilly, a masterpiece of digital expression, and Enjoy Poverty by Renzo Martens, a film that flies in the face of those humanitarian documentaries that get everywhere.

On 3 April at the Protestant Temple 15 rue Grignan there's a cine concert, four musicians accompany Katarina Golubeva in her wanderings around Siberia, a concert by Toboflex and radical brutist guitarist Eric Menkkinen. There's a "mise en bouche", Moondawn by Argentinian Pedro Lopez, whose electronic sounds accompany another film featuring Golubeva. All for 11€, you can reserve by e-mail here

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